Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Intent Kneeskin - Closed Back

  • $ 599.99

Fast. Powerful. Flexible. Power your way to first with the Fastskin LZR Pure Intent – our newest elite competition suit, inspired by the world’s fastest sprinters. The unique triple-fabric construction is engineered to enhance both compression and flexibility, while shark skin-mimicking texture creates micro vortices along the suit’s surface, helping reduce drag and encouraging forward propulsion. Targeted compressive layers help keep your core engaged, enabling you to ride higher in the water. Flexible zones make the process of getting into the open-back suit easier, while precision straps offer low-profile comfort. It’s pure speed, pure Speedo.

  • FINA Approved
  • Built-in Speed, Power + Flexibility: Triple-fabric construction reduces drag and enhances both compression and flexibility
  • Increased Comfort + Mobility: Comfortable precision straps with a high power elastic base increase flexibility, stretch and power return while keeping a low profile
  • Improved Speed + Efficiency: New shark skin-inspired textured fabric zones at the surface target drag reduction for optimal performance
  • Locked-in + Lifted Feel: Targeted compression at the legs and core help the swimmer lift and ride higher in the water
  • Enhanced Drive + Greater Power Return: Dual-layered fabric technology and ergonomic seam construction boost compression along the most vital muscle groups for the swimmer’s kick; amplified with strategically placed seaming and bonding to connect key muscle groups stemming from the core, these combined features enhance kick drive and improve efficiency
  • Higher Flexibility: Targeted flex zones down the side of the body allow for more freedom in the kick, better rotation, and more range of motion during flip turns
  • Size Note: Enhanced technology in our targeted flex zones make the suit easier to put on; you may want to consider sizing down from your LZR X size for optimal fit

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