Finis Mermaid Silicone Cap

Finis Mermaid Silicone Cap

  • $ 13.00

Dive into an enchanting underwater adventure with the FINIS MermaidTM Collection. Mermaid accessories allow you to instantly transform into a mermaid. The Silicone Cap helps protect hair against chlorine and sun exposure and reduces drag in the water. Made of 100% silicone for added durability and comfort. Collect them all today!
Exclusive mermaid designs done by MIGS.ART.


  • MERMAID PRINTS: Bright colors and fun art let you show off your inner mermaid!
  • COMFORTABLE AND CLEAN: 100% silicone provides a soft, watertight fit and is odorless and hypoallergenic
  • FOR ALL WATER ACTIVITIES: Great for swim practice or recreational swimming
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE FITS MOST: Snug fit reduces drag and helps protect hair against chlorine and sun damage
  • RIPPLED EDGE: Provides security around the base of swim cap


  1. Rinse in cool, non-chlorinated water after each use.
  2. Leave to air dry on a towel.
  3. Please avoid leaving in direct sunlight for extended periods, as it may damage the material.

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