Dolfin LightStrike Jammer - Flex Leg

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The Dolfin Men's Lightstrike Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit is the culmination of years of research in biomechanics, active drag analysis, fabric innovation, and compression analysis. This new tech suit provides the power of a perfect fit, customized to each specific stroke and body type along with innovative technology like a Stormlight shell, Hyperlight lining, and Perfecta-Fit micro-sizing.

FINA Approved

Composition & Care

  • 42% Nylon / 31% Polyester / 27% Spandex.
  • Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.


  • Stormlight Shell & Hyperlight Lining:
    - The fabrication was developed in Italy, after months of rigorous testing.
    - Results produced a unique and exclusive combination of the highest strength to weight ratio of any previous FINA approved fabric.
  • Perfecta-Fit Micro-Sizing:
    - With the Styku® 3D body scanner, Dolfin has created the perfect sizing system for all athletes.
    - The unique and exclusive micro-sizing fit will allow unprecedented customization for every swimmer.
    - All athletes will have a perfect fit in 3 key zones: Chest, Torso, and Hips/Legs.
  • Core Power:
    - Patent-pending taping around the torso is exclusive designed to compress, control, and activate the core.
  • Variable Compression:
    - Utilizing the first-ever variable compression fabric through the inner thighs, athletes can finally customize their major muscle control to fit their range of motion and their race plan.
    - Long axis or short axis, the choice is up to you.
  • Vibration Control Taping:
    - This 3D molding mimics anatomy to reduce drag while increasing compression and control for additional energy return.

Sizing & Fit

  • Compression fit.

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