Finis Zoomers® Gold

  • $ 45.00

The Zoomers® Gold fins provide an improved foot pocket formulated from soft natural rubber for increased comfort. The short blade encourages shorter, faster kicks for additional propulsion through the water. The Zoomers® Gold Fins are an ideal training fin for cardiovascular conditioning and speed training.

BLADE ANGLE - Fin blade aligns with the natural angle of the foot, promoting a proper kick 

BUILD LEG STRENGTH - Strengthen leg muscles for added speed and endurance

ANKLE FLEXIBILITY - Increases flexibility and range of motion for a more efficient kick

SHORT BLADE - Promotes shorter and faster kicks while experiencing propulsion through the water

ALL SKILL LEVELS - Appropriate for fitness and competitive swimmers to build cardiovascular conditioning

CLOSED HEEL DESIGN - Creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyperflexion

NATURAL RUBBER - Provides a secure and comfortable fit

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