Speedo Tech Suit Fitting Appointment

Speedo Tech Suit Fitting Appointment

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TIME: 8:30am - 12:00pm

PLACE: ProShop Corner at the NL Aquatic Center

Have you been thinking about ways to up your game in the pool? Tech suits can provide the edge you are looking for! Tech suits are designed to provide - 

COMPRESSION which increases efficiency of blood flow and activates critical muscles to improve performance.

WATER REPELLENT FABRIC to reduce water absorption that can create extra weight and slow a swimmer down.

SEAMLESS CONSTRUCTION (for swimmers over 12) which further reduces resistance and drag so you cut through the water faster and more efficiently.

Proper fit is critical so take advantage of the chance to consult with a Speedo expert who will be on deck to provide any needed guidance and assistance with your selection of a suit that is the best fit for you.

Due to current COVID restrictions the use of our fitting rooms is limited.  In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment, please make an appointment for your fitting.


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