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Hey SJAC FAMILY – we just came off a spring championship season followed by a week off, and now it’s time for a period of RESET both mentally and physically.  Things are off a little this year as a result of COVID and calendars are pushed a little further out than usual, so for the sake of argument, let’s say this RESET period will carry into the second week of June. SJAC swimmers should be focusing on getting back to basics and doing the simple things right. It’s all in the details because focusing on the details now leads to habits that carry through a summer championship season. Here are some suggestions for the next few weeks:


  • Training in the pool should be about quality vs quantity. What aspects of your stroke and breathing need attention? Focus on technique, drill, kick, stroke count, and kick count. Consider areas where you can make a 1% improvement. Cumulatively they add up. Need inspiration for this philosophy? Read about the benefit of marginal gains and the turnaround of the British cycling team in 2003: Marginal Gains: This Coach Improved Every Tiny Thing by 1 Percent (


Geoffrey Wade, Owner and Head Trainer of Outlaw Performance & Recovery works on proper form. 



  • Turn weaknesses into strengths. RESET is the ideal time for this effort – because if not now – then when? If your breaststroke is weak, RESET is the period to build; if your turns are a little off, focus on them as we refine and hone our skills. Now is the time to take advantage of our Swim Smart system with adjustable current and underwater cameras for a full evaluation, diagnosis, and prescription on how to maximize stroke efficiency. Speak to one of your coaches about scheduling a session or sign up here: Stroke Analysis with Tyler Santangelo – NL Aquatics Pro Shop


SJAC swimmer getting a SwimSmart - Stroke Analysis done by Coach Tyler.  


  • Be a Driver. We aren’t passengers at SJAC. We take responsibility and ownership of our training regimens because we know where we are headed. Hold yourself accountable for each step or stroke of your journey. We all want to get that destination, and we all start somewhere – so what are you doing to get the most out of your journey? Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Check out this video by highly decorated Navy SEAL Jocko Willink: Jocko Willink's Lessons In Leadership: Taking Ownership - Bing video


Did you ever study how one climbs a mountain? It begins with a single step, and it’s never a straight ascent. Ascending a mountain is a series of climbs with pauses in between at basecamps where one replenishes supplies, rests, and renews the body and spirit for the next climb. SJAC swimmers – RESET is your basecamp before the next climb.  


                                                                                    Roll Gators!!!


Pete Holcroft, Head Coach & Program Director, SJAC           


Tyler Santangelo, National Team Coach, Director NLAC


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